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Cell-Abration Formula IV


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OLEDA'S SCRUB Cell-Abration IV with Milk, Honey and Almond

For the removal of dead skin cells and a healthier looking skin

FORMULA lV -HONEY and MILK with ALMOND MEAL speeds up the process of dissolving the bond or "glue" that holds dead cells attached to the skin. Aids in the performance of FORMULA l.

FORMULA IV - REVITALIZER SCRUB removes accumulated dead cells and is a real benefit to your skin as it removes barriers to penetration of the therapeutic properties of FORMULA l. And I just love the soothing aroma of Honey and Almond every time I open the jar. FORMULA lV speeds up skin rejuvenation when used in conjunction with FORMULA l, but it's also good food for your skin and a great conditioner in its own right.

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