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Organic Veggies & Fruit Concentrate

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Get the servings of Vegetables and Fruit you need to stay young, vibrant and healthy!  Now with even more veggies and 100% certified ORGANIC!

Just 2 capsules, once or twice a day, gives you the vegetable and fruit servings you need for the entire day!

"The "normal" aging process is Not for ME which is one of the reasons I take VEGGIES & FRUIT Concentrate (at age 84 I must be doing something right...yes?) It's TRUE EVERYONE WANTS TO LIVE LONGER...BUT NO ONE WANTS TO BE OR FEEL OLD! It's also true that as we get older it seems we can't get enough vegetables and fruits to maintain our optimum good health. Good eating habits help compensate for the body's decline from aging faster than we should. Good eating habits also build your immune system, provide fantastic energy and help you keep the weight off. Your cells are the only building blocks of the only body you'll ever have. We must treat them right!"

Great For Weight loss and Your Immune System!

VEGGIE & FRUIT contains only pure and organic Vegetables and Fruit Powders. The alkalizing formula helps rid your body of harmful acids which in turn enhances energy and weight loss. It also helps support a healthy immune system, maintain a healthier colon and better oxygenation of cells, and enhances emulsifying fat.

Produces healthier Cells!

Veggie and Fruit provides a natural source of Growth Factor Protein (GFP) - 14.9 gm per serving. GFP helps your body maintain healthy alkaline levels which helps cellular growth, and the repair and regeneration of healthier cells.

Lowers Acidity Levels and decreases Heartburn

When we eat processed foods or junk food, it causes a high-acid condition in the body. The body then tries to dispose of the excess acid waste through the intestines, lungs and kidneys. If the high-acid in the body cannot be properly eliminated, the acids will take their toll on the body. What a great way to get the vegetables and fruits that we never seem to get enough of in our diet. I love it! And you will love the way it makes you feel in just a few days.

Product Usage

Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening, the first month, with water or juice. Then take 2 to 4 capsules a day as needed.

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