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Sunkissed Face & Body Bronzer


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OLEDA® SunKissed Face & Body Bronzer - NEW!

Want a sexy, healthy, sun-kissed skin tone without spending hours in the sun??? Try OLEDA's new SunKissed Face & Body Bronzer!

This smooth bronzer will give you an all over sun-kissed glow, sexy color, and hint of shimmer! Simply rub on Face and Body and you'll have that perfect sun-kissed complexion.

Enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as carrot oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel, this non-streak face and body bronzer keeps skin soft, silky and healthy looking, all day long. I recommend putting on legs for a nice, glowing, sexy leg as well as middle chest (this will really give a nice look when wearing a lower cut blouse). Applying a thin layer to upper cheekbone will also give a young healthy glow and make those cheekbones stand out.

Suitable for all skin types & skin tones. 

*allergy warning, this product contains peanut oil

Product Usage

HOW TO USE: Apply a thin coat to desired areas... legs, arms, cleavage and face for a sexy, sun-kissed glow.