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Undereye Camouflage Cream & Highlighter - Light/Medium

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For Dark Circles and Undereye Discoloration. A Time Machine for Younger Looking eyes

It's back and better then ever. OLEDA UNDEREYE CAMOUFLAGE CREAM & HIGHLIGHTER (formerly known as Oleda Undereye Concealer & Highlighter) is the most effective concealer on the market. Use it under your eyes to hide dark circles and/or discoloration. (Takes very little with each application). This product is very lightweight and "reflects light" in your dark areas. Models who have had this problem use this product because it looks thin and natural. For lessons on how to apply check out: " Getting Rid Of Dark Circles"

The Cause Of Dark Circles:

      Lack of proper nutrition can aggravate dark circles. Make sure you are eating a balanced, nutritional diet.
      Use an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid under eyes, but NOT above the cheekbone too close to the eyes. This will encourage circulation and stimulate cells around the eye area. Aids in tightening of the skin which will give the appearance of "fewer dark circles" because the Alpha-Hydroxy Acid plumps up tissues. See Oleda Alpha-Hydroxy Acid in CELL-abration. (Never put AHA on upper eyelids.)
      Use a rich EYE CREAM to nourish these delicate tissues at night. (See Oleda FRAGILE EYE CREAM)"

    Product Usage

    Apply OLEDA CAMOUFLAGE CREAM & HIGHLIGHTER under eyes to hide dark circles or discoloration. (Takes very little with each application.)


    Cocoa Nucifera (Coconut oil), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) seed oil, Ozokerite, Camauba (Copermecia Cerifira) wax, Stearic Acid.