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Winter Blues? Discover How Colors Can lift your Mood?

Winter Blues? Discover How Colors Can lift your Mood?

Posted on January 18 2018

We’ve all been there.

That down-in-the-dumps feeling. That cloak of sadness, impatience or indifference that we wear, especially when the temperatures drop and daylight is harder to come by. Although the winter blues are not permanent, experiencing them can be a little intense. You may be short with your spouse ‘cause he left his socks rolled up on the floor again or are less than patient with your kids when they forget to empty their lunch boxes for the fourth time in a week. The solution to alleviating these winter blues may be as simple as infusing some color into your life.

Color Your Space

Before you go ahead and paint that living room or bedroom wall, you may want to think about the color you choose very carefully. These are typically the rooms in which we spend most of our time so it’s wise to be selective. Yellow for a living room (or home office for that matter) can be a good choice as yellow emanates energy and freshness.

Red or purple are great for a bedroom. Red exudes love and affection and purple, especially in lavender hues, exudes an overall sense of calm.

And, if you have a little reading nook or Zen area in your home, go green. The color green has recharging and relaxing properties which help melt away stress.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to paint your entire room the same color. Often, a feature wall painted in the chosen color can have the desired effect.

Color Your Wardrobe

We should maybe rewrite the saying the “clothes maketh the man” to the “color of the clothes maketh the man”. The color of the clothing we wear can say a lot about the message we want to transmit. For instance, red in a job interview setting, may be seen as aggressive and intimidating but sensual in a romantic setting.

Great color choices for interviews and any workplace setting are white, brown, gray or blue. These colors say to your potential employer and colleagues that you are stable, serious and well-organized.

Black is always a classic choice for evenings out as it exudes a sense of mystery. Also, if you pair black with another color, it enhances the energy of that color.

Orange is great if there’s a message you want to communicate clearly. If you are a little shy or withdrawn, it instantly energizes you, providing confidence and even the gift of the gab.

Color Your Food

We’ve all heard the saying, “we eat with our eyes first”. It is so very true. Visualize it for a moment… a plate of beige chicken, white potatoes and yellow corn versus a plate of vibrant green vegetables, red cabbage, purple beets and couscous with bright red peppers. Although both meals may taste equally yummy, the latter will get your salivary glands churning even before one bite tickles your taste buds. Your eyes signal to your brain that “this meal will be tasty” or “this meal will be bland”.

The takeaway here is that the more “naturally” colorful the food, the better it is for you and the more likely it is to up your mood.

So don’t be shy to color your world if you’re feeling a little low. You may be surprised at how just a little color can turn you from feeling blue to being tickled pink.

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