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To my dear friends who say they are no longer their proper weight, but want to be for better health...

To my dear friends who say they are no longer their proper weight, but want to be for better health...

Posted on October 19 2016

You CAN do it!  You have many years to Live Younger Longer if you take care of yourself... so take charge now and get back to No.1 or 2 below. You’ll be so happy and also have a better chance for a healthier, longer lifespan. It’s worth it to make it your priority – you’ll be so proud and feel terrific. I want to see your before and after photos! J and, if you approve, you may just wind up on the OLEDA website.   Love, Oleda

If you want to reduce your silhouette, no matter what size you are now –  ONLY you can make the change.

Go to this page and choose the option best suited for you!     

Check out these Healthy Weight Loss products from the Oleda Line:


NEW AND IMPROVED LIPOTROPIC FAT BURNER activates Good Brown Fat to burn more calories! It is a lipotropic and metabolic complex containing a combination of 28 nutrients designed to synergistically help your body release stored body fat to then be burned for energy, helping you reach your weight loss goals naturally.

Lipotropics are substances that help prevent an abnormal accumulation of fat in the body. There are 3 Lipotropics found in Lipotropic Fat Burner: methionine, choline, and inositol. Lipotropics improve fat metabolism and other metabolic functions, such as the processing of hormones, estrogen, glucose, and glycogen. They also help detoxify amines, which are by-products of protein metabolism.


BECAUSE A HEALTHY THYROID GLAND IS YOUR BEST ALLY, OLEDA THYROID HELPERS is essential as it helps your thyroid function optimally.

Your Thyroid is responsible for regulating many of your vital body functions, including:

  • Body weight
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Nervous systems
  • Breathing
  • Muscle strength
  • Body temperature
  • Heart rate
  • Metabolism and much more!

That's why it's imperative that you provide your thyroid with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy!


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