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The More You Take Care Of Your Body The More Life It Will Have

The More You Take Care Of Your Body The More Life It Will Have

Posted on April 07 2016

Your Body Is The Most Amazing Machine You Will Ever Own…but do you take better care of your car than you do your own body?

Would you drive your car without oil or with the wrong type of fuel – or with little air in the tires? NO, you would not even try. I’ll bet you take good care of your car to prevent problems and to keep it running smoothly – to prevent it from breaking down – to keep its value up, and to give it longer life. You do this even though, if it should break down, you could buy another one– it only takes money. You can’t do that with your body.

So why don’t we think of the amazing “mechanism” of our bodies the same way? Although we can’t buy another BODY, some people treat it as though they could… ignoring the fact that we each have control over a younger, longer, healthier life. Only 25% of the aging process is due to our genes, the rest is up to us.

Now if you are one of those who say “I want to live ’til I die and do what I want” – then this blog is not for you. However, if you change your mind, come back to me… this blog will still be here :)

The More You Take Care Of Your Body The More Life It Will Have

With this in mind, here are some tips that will help keep your body running at peak performance – your body IS the most amazing “machine” in the world...take care of it!

  1. Eat Less. Stop thinking “diet” – think “put less food on my plate”.
  2. Drinking water is most important…our bodies are made up of 67% water.
  3. Don’t use this excuse: “My parents and grandparents were the same, so I have no choice.” Often it is bad habits passed down from one generation to another.
  4. Avoid Excessive Exposure to the Sun.
  5. Take the salt shaker off the table.
  6. Get enough sleep on a regular basis.
  7. Sweat 3 times a week.
  8. Consider the Use of Supplements.
  9. Alcohol…don’t overdo it.
  10. Get annual medical check-ups.
  11. Use your brain.
  12. Happy people live longer – do what makes you happy.
  13. Get your nutrition one way or another. We have the power to regenerate and renew all our cells. They are the only building blocks of the only body we’ll ever have.

If your daily food intake is not nutritionally balanced, you must take supplements to compensate make sure the formula can help destroy FREE RADICALS.

My favorite saying:

“It’s not the older you get, the sicker you become; rather,
It’s the older you get, the healthier you have been....
You can take that to the bank!” - Oleda

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