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Posted on September 27 2017

Let’s face it, we often take our hair for granted. I mean sure, we wash it, condition it, we may even give it a special treatment every now and then but often it’s not enough to keep it in tip-top shape. By implementing a few super simple habits, our hair can regain its bounce, shine and overall health.

Loosen up that pony tail

While those of us with mid to long hair love to have an up do from time to time, a ponytail, or man-bun for that matter, that is pulled back too tight, can really damage our hair. Too much tension can put tremendous strain on your hair and lead to frizz and even breakage. It’s important to take a look at the type of elastics you’re using too. Try to avoid using ones that have metal connectors. Your best bet is using the tried and true scrunchie, which does the job of tying back your hair loosely without damaging effects.

Make a date with your brush every day

Gentle, daily brushing, is super beneficial to your hair. It actually has a cleansing effect as it eliminates the buildup caused by shampoos, conditioners and styling products. Proper brushing can also help strengthen your hair by stimulating your scalp and generating sebum production which leaves your hair moisturized and manageable. Try to opt for a paddle brush as its teeth are further apart making it a gentler option. Brush upwards for a few strokes as it detangles the hair without causing damage to the follicle. Once hair is free of tangles, brush from root to tip. Do this brushing technique once daily at a time that is most convenient for you.

Skip a day of washing

Daily hair washing is not only unnecessary it can also be abrasive for your hair. So skipping a day is definitely a good idea. When you do wash your hair, focus mainly on lathering up your scalp instead of the strands of your hair. If you have oily hair, use dry shampoo on the no-wash days. Apply a little to your roots then massage your entire head of hair and finish up by a quick blow dry on a cool setting.

Drink some water

H2O can help your hair grow as it provides cells with needed nutrients and vitamins.  Water helps stimulate the nerve endings found at the tips of your hair. An added bonus? Staying well hydrated can help reduce dandruff and can help thicken that mane of yours.

Get your Omega 3s

Omega 3 has been shown to help reduce hair loss and keeps your hair follicles moisturized and healthy. The best way to get your Omega 3s is to include foods rich in DHA and EPA. Some good choices are tuna, halibut, trout and salmon. Two servings a week provide enough hair-boosting benefits to get your hair back on track.

So there you have it! Five easy hair habits you can implement today. For added results, be sure to take a daily supplement rich in biotin and you’ll be sporting a healthy head of hair in no time.

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