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The 2016 LOOK for Fall!!

The 2016 LOOK for Fall!!

Posted on November 01 2016

We Need Two Looks For:

Sun Up and When The Sun Goes Down!!

It’s exciting to change your look somewhat from time to time… but good to know it’s “expected” this Fall. Go for it… be soft and beautiful by day but when the sun goes down watch your friends’ eyes pop open and try to copy your “Sun Goes Down Look 

Day Time

We are busy… running off to work, or taking care of the children, and have many chores to complete before nightfall.

Follow this Fall by Day look and look beautifully natural doing it all…

…But When The Sun Goes Down!!

… you are going out for dinner or have an event with friends or family… it’s now time for your new exciting “Sun Goes Down Look”.

This Fall by Night look adds the WOW factor with so little effort as the clock strikes 7:00… here’s how…

LIPSTICK – One for AM & One for PM

Day: Bunny Pink

The Soft Day Look

Matte Lipstick – Bunny Pink

OLEDA LIPSTICK “Bunny Pink” for the soft Day Look. Full-coverage formula glides on smoothly. Long-lasting, beautiful lips in a soft color!

Night: You Wanna?

The Nighttime WOW Look

Ultimate Lipstick – You Wanna?

OLEDA  LIPSTICK “You Wanna?” for the Nighttime WOW Look. This ultimate Lipstick is infused with moisturizing ingredients so it glides on effortlessly and weightlessly, leaving your lips with a lustrous, beautiful shine. 


Draw the perfect lip outline with OLEDA SLIM LIP LINER PENCIL. This richly textured, super-smooth, lip-defining formula, is soft and won’t drag or pull on delicate lips.

Easy to sharpen for a perfect point. Helps keep lipstick in place and stops color from feathering.

Day: Daiquiri

Slim Lip Liner Pencil – Daiquiri
This day time shade is punchy and fun but subtle enough for that business meeting or running errands. A great on-the-go shade.

Night: Burgundy

Slim Lip Liner Pencil – Burgundy
This nighttime shade comes on a little stronger to incite envious stares from your entourage. Wear it confidently for a night out with friends or even walking the red carpet.


Day – Mascara

Looking Beautiful Naturally

Black CURLING-LASH Mascara Want to give your lashes added length, body and curl? Our new curling-lash mascara will do just that. Use this no clump, no leak mascara to give your eyes a sexy look with our wand and formula specifically designed for curling lashes and adding rich color.

Keratin Mascara This breakthrough Lash-Boosting Mascara is infused to boost lash condition. It contains a pro-keratin complex that fortifies lashes and maximizes their appearance. Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Night – Natural Looking False Eyelashes

For that WOW attention!!

OLEDA Natural Looking False Eyelashes These special eyelashes give instant glamour and a bold look in a subtle way. But false eyelashes, to look real and natural, must have soft hair, cannot be too thick or too thin, must be flexible and have a clear base strip that make them unnoticeable when worn. I never go without them!

(Eyelash glue included)

WOW Look for Nights Only:

For That Mysterious Can’t-Take-My-Eyes-Off-You

The Face Powder and Powder Blush Surprise

Face Powder – Apply a little “lighter powder” than you usually wear – then add a “little more powder blush” and watch people stare 

(click here for color choices)  


(click here for color choices)

Here’s How

  1. Whatever color Face Powder you usually use – choose one shade lighter and apply.
  2. Choose Powder Blush one shade brighter or darker than you wear during the day.
  3. Apply a Lip Gloss over lipstick on the bottom lip only.

OLEDA 2016 Fall LOOK!!

Soft and Beautiful by Day and “The Notice Me” at Night.

My “Notice Me”  Look 

Love, Oleda

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