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“Prevention” Is the Answer to Greater Health and Longer Life

“Prevention” Is the Answer to Greater Health and Longer Life

Posted on July 26 2019

It's NOT the older you get, the sicker you get; Prevention means the older you get, the healthier YOU HAVE BEEN!

There is much "old age" you can prevent. To live longer with greater health and energy, - there is one important word we must live by….


I'm not sure how it all came about, although, I do remember as a young teenager my father used the word "preventive" a lot. He made a decision to change his lifestyle in his early 40's. Until then he had been overweight, tired and a cigarette smoker. When he developed a limp in one leg, he went to a doctor who told him to "get a cane." That remark infuriated my father so much that he stomped out of the office, did his own research to find the cause and began to take charge of his own health…and life. He stopped smoking, lost weight and built a home-made gym in the garage. Most evenings he took long walks after dinner. His limp disappeared and he stayed slim the rest of his life. I remember admiring his resourcefulness, and I believe that it marked the beginning of my own efforts to prevent health problems before they acted up …and then carried it further throughout my life.

Today we have so many more ways to gather up health information than my father did…the information is there for the taking. Making and keeping skin youthful for life, adding proper nutrition and vitamins to your diet, and obtaining general information on health. You can Google any question, there are books to read, and it’s your personal responsibility to have regular checkups.

What I Learned from My Colleagues in New York

As a New York model, I studied other, more experienced models, who had been in the business for a long time. What did they know and do - and what did other people in the beauty, health, and fashion business know that kept them looking and feeling so much younger for their age.  

When I was very young, I thought models were just born "that way." But stepping into New York City's high fashion world, I soon learned differently. Whatever natural beauty they possessed, "the fresh youthful look" came just as much from an internal healthy glow, than any make-up tricks to enhance their natural beauty. I watched them take care of themselves and found it fascinating that they paid as much attention to the things that affected them inside their body as what made them look good on the outside. There was no part of their body they were not concerned about. Nutrition, diet, exercise and proper sleeping habits were always on their minds, especially the ones that lasted in the business. I was 38 years old when I stopped modeling with Wilhelmina to start my business. At the time, I was one of the oldest still in the high fashion world while many others had to move on. I went on to model for my own company and still do now at age 84….. who would have ever thought it back then!

I know that taking care of my body from the inside will enable me to celebrate my 85th birthday with great health and flexibility, remembering that it was my father's stick-to-itiveness that inspired me. I'm hoping that I can similarly inspire you!

Always remember

"It's not the older you get, the sicker you get; rather, the older you get, the healthier you've been."

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