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Oleda’s Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day (and every day)

Oleda’s Makeup Tips for Valentine’s Day (and every day)

Posted on February 14 2017

Your Eyes
Apply Natural Looking False Eyelashes for more glamour and beauty


(I have worn these since the age of 26 when I first went to NYC to work as High Fashion model)

Click here for instructions how to apply. 

The eyes are the most expressive feature of the face. Eyes communicate—eyes tell so much about you. Surely you’ll want to make the most of your eyes on this special day. Eye makeup is an art that is worth mastering because it can also make you appear years younger throughout the year.


If you are one of the fortunate ones with your own thick natural eyelashes, then apply mascara to top and bottom lashes – let dry thoroughly and apply a second coat. Finish by using an eyelash curler to give your eyes that “open look.”

Click here to see choices. 

Your Lips

Want to change your lip line slightly? I do… my top lip is thinner than I like so here’s what I do.

Lips Too Thin

If your lips are too thin, outline it with a darker shade of lipstick or a soft lip liner pencil just outside the natural edge of the lips. When you are correcting your lip line with different shades or colors, don’t be obvious. Usually the slightest amount of correction

will do. Make sure each color “fades” into the other. Add a bit of white or beige lipstick in the center of your lips for an even fuller look. The “no-tell” trick is to “powder down” over the edge of the lip line you have corrected….go ahead – try it – you’ll like it :)

Lips Too Full?

Full lips are beautiful but if you think they are too full here’s what to do.

If you believe your lips are too full, apply some foundation to them. (Save time and do it when you trace your natural lip line.) Helpful hint: Try to avoid using shiny glosses.

Now choose a special Valentine color here.

Your Eyebrows


Eyebrows should have one thing in common: they should be delicate, soft-looking, not too thick (but not too thin, either). The eyebrow should never detract from the eye. It should help the eye appear more vivid and bold. A heavy brow overpowers the eye and detracts from it. To make the eye appear more open, pluck the eyebrow

clean from underneath. The more space between the eye and eyebrow, the larger your eye will appear. But don’t carry this idea too far: take care not to make your eyebrows so thin that they no longer suit your general appearance. The shape of the eyebrow is basically the same for everyone – a slight arch, wider toward the nose and thinner toward the temple. The eyebrow begins and ends as shown here.

Click here for Eyebrows “How-to”.

Rouge: Cream or Powder

Rouge, Cream or Powder, will give your face a beautiful soft, healthy glow for Valentine’s Day… or any day.  I apply Cream Rouge over Foundation and blend it with fingers. I carry Powder Rouge with me to add more color if needed throughout the day.

Click here for more information on Cream Rouge.

Click here for more information on Powder Rouge.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day – from my home to yours –

Love, Oleda

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