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OLEDA BAKER AT AGE 81 : “I Feel  Good.... I knew that I would....”

OLEDA BAKER AT AGE 81 : “I Feel Good.... I knew that I would....”

Posted on January 27 2016

Feeling Fantastic At Any Age

I remember as if it were yesterday being a healthy, happy 30-year-old, and today here I am, a healthy, happy octogenarian, on the road to becoming a healthy, happy centenarian. I love it! The Bonus? Life, while making the journey, is so much better, more fun and more fulfilling when feeling great, and looking good along the way. I have tried very hard to p-r-e-v-e-n-t things from “going wrong” with the cells in my body, and for less time in the doctor’s office. Most of us have that choice.

Scientists and statistics point to the fact that the number of us living 100 years or longer has been rising; and with continual medical advances and imminent breakthroughs, if we take care of ourselves, the chance of doing so is increasing dramatically…. how wonderful. But we must do our part. Doctors are there to sew us up…to help us when we are sick. But they are not in our homes everyday telling us what we should be doing to strive for our best chance for a healthier, longer life. That’s up to each one of us.

The number of centenarians is growing by leaps and bounds. You can be one of them if you think ahead…. PLAN AHEAD…IT WILL NOT HAPPEN WHILE SITTING ON THE COUCH EATING JUNK FOOD! (Sorry, but I just had to say that.)

As I have pointed out many times in the past, scientific studies prove that our genes account for only 25% of the aging process. 75% is due to our lifestyle and environment, choices we make ourselves and have control over, decisions we make on a day to day basis. (This study was done with 3000 sets of identical twins) We have heard of people born into a not so good gene pool yet were determined to defeat the issue. They had to work very hard to do it – live a different lifestyle- but many have succeeded with determination.

When people try to TELL me it’s my genes… I TELL them about genes. My loving brother was 3 years younger than me and passed away 5 years ago weighing about 350 pounds. Harry was the first to admit it was due to his eating habits and lifestyle choices. For the last many years of his life he went through heart surgery, a knee replacement and had other issues. He was in pain much of the time and was not able to walk well. I miss him.


Please take care of yourself.

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