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My New Year’s Wish For My Friends….

My New Year’s Wish For My Friends….

Posted on December 16 2016

“May 2017 Be Your Healthiest Year Ever”

Oh My – What a year 2016 has been! I hope yours has been exciting, too. I want to wish you the best and most rewarding year you have ever had coming up in 2017!  Let’s plan to get the most out of it!

Good health is just the beginning of getting more out of life. Make 2017 your healthiest year yet. 

2017 could be our best year yet in living the life of our dreams. We could spend more time enjoying good friends and family; having an open mind in learning more about others with whom, perhaps, we disagree, and even forgiving some who may not have treated us kindly, making us the kinder one.

And remember… a kind word is never forgotten.

Love, Oleda xx

The Holidays are great, but pose a significant danger for our waistlines, and then, after overindulging, many of us will go on a diet . . . . that doesn’t work.

There are more than 30 different diet plans being marketed that tell us what we can and cannot eat, and how they will work to help us lose pounds. The problem is, none of them work for very long… if at all.

Most diets out there promise significant, even in some cases, miraculous weight loss in a relatively short period of time. I don’t think any of them are really truthful, and to abide by them can take a lot of boring effort—buying special food, avoiding certain food, maybe special preparation and eating differently than the rest of the family—so much effort that, with today’s busy lifestyles, we tend not to stick with them for long (one major reason they don’t work).

For those who go on one of these diets and do stick with it until they finally reach their weight goal, what happens when they go off it? Keeping the weight off becomes the next job, at which so many fail.

So I don’t believe in structured diets. What I do believe in is a lifestyle change and an easy formula for weight control.

I have weighed 120 Lbs. all my adult life, in a family where my brother weighed over 300 Lbs. when he passed away six years ago

Years ago one of the publishers of my nine Beauty, Health and Anti-aging books once asked me to write a diet book. She offered a nice advance too but backed off when I asked her if a single-page book would sell, because all I would write would be “Eat less. If that doesn’t work, eat even less.” Which would encompass all you need to know about losing weight.

Actually, I did write a booklet years ago, now out of print, called The Age-less Diet. It was a Pounds-off, High-energy, Beauty-gain booklet that explained why our bodies need some fat—and also sweets—and why our personal lifestyle has much to do with how much food we can eat without gaining weight.

Now Hear This about Holiday Dining

It’s not festive HOLIDAY dining that causes obesity; it’s all the other 1000+ meals and snacks throughout the year that make us fat!  There is no need to deprive yourself of the joy and togetherness of dining together with your loved ones, sharing good food and drink, and still stay slim, healthy and energetic. Consider the following:

My Non-stressful, No-Measuring, No-Special-Shopping, Non-boring, Simple Rules that have kept me at 120 pounds all my life

1. Disregard gimmicks. None of them are permanently successful, and might cause a nutritional imbalance.  I just eat less!

2. I eat everything—it’s known as a balanced diet—which  is necessary for high energy, smooth skin and shiny hair, and I eat only the “real thing” — no phony butter, no diet food “stuff” of any kind. But I eat less of it.

3. I don’t give up sweets, I don’t use a sugar substitute, I never drink diet soda (or any soda, for that matter), and I love dessert, all in moderation, Often, at a restaurant, I’ll order an appetizer and dessert, that’s it (I check the dessert menu first). But I still eat less of everything.

A bit of trivia: One hour of strenuous physical activity can burn 600 calories. If afterward, having worked up an appetite, you had a corned beef sandwich and a soda, you’d put 670 calories right back on.

Now, suppose you worked out with a companion, and, afterward, shared half a corned beef sandwich with them. Then you would consume only 390 calories, and, I promise you, by eating slowly over conversation, you WOULD feel satisfied immediately. Even if you gobbled down half the sandwich and pushed away still feeling hungry, it would pass within ten minutes or so. You would have eaten what you wanted, only less, for a net calorie loss.

4. My personal Nutritional Drink — heavy on nutrition and fullness, LIGHT on calories. This makes 4 glasses and it lasts in the refrigerator for several days.

Here’s what you need: a blender, large container of Vanilla Yogurt  (32 OZ), 1 or 2 bananas, 1 apple, strawberries, blueberries – a large handful of each (I keep some in the freezer at all times), and honey. You can add fresh peaches or pears, if you wish.

Here’s what to do: * Put all Yogurt in the blender. * Cut bananas into large pieces and drop in blender. * Cut apple, peeled or unpeeled into 4 pieces, remove the core then cut into smaller pieces and drop in blender. * Put a large handful of strawberries and blueberries (or more or less according to your taste) in blender. If frozen, microwave for 20 – 30 seconds. * Add any other fruit you may have around if you wish. * Add honey to taste. *Put lid on blender and blend for a few seconds, then turn to high and liquefy. Your kids will love this healthy drink too!

5. Eat more chicken, veal and fish and less red meat.

6. Drink plenty of water – I never drink soda….and I enjoy a glass of wine, too.

7. Mindset: When I begin to feel hungry, I’m actually pleased, because that’s when I know I am losing a few calories. I do NOT feel deprived; and, if I wait another half hour or so before eating, I actually am not as hungry anymore. Try this little mind game every once in a while; see if it works for you too.

8. Eating smaller portions and a balanced diet is really my no measuring, no special cooking, and healthy way of dieting that has kept my weight down all my life. The less you eat the, the less you’re able to eat, since your stomach adjusts and will “demand” less food. I have a pair of jeans that guide me…if they start to get too tight around the waist, I just cut down until they fit perfectly again.

9. I’m big on proper vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids. They are beneficial in balancing the body to help keep weight off and energy up.

10. Don’t forget regular exercise. This is very important. Fast walking is great, and the combination of eating less and walking more produces tremendous results. If you’re in a frigid part of the country, early arrival at an enclosed mall provides a great place for a good walk.

An Anecdote: My husband, Richard, also 82, stands 6’3” tall. A year and a half ago he decided he had gained too much weight (he had topped out at 242, shhhh, don’t tell him I told you). He took my “eat less” advice, starting things like eating half a sandwich and a cup of soup instead of a whole sandwich, often he’d have just an apple for lunch (he says it’s amazing how an apple fills you up with a mere 120 calories), ate half the pasta he used to (restaurants provide “doggie bags”), started enjoying fish instead of steak, although he didn’t give up steak (or cheeseburgers) completely. You get the picture.

Over a year’s time, Richard lost 32 Lbs., says it was easy, and, here’s the best part, because the weight loss was gradual and steady, he’s not left with any flab, and the change in dining lifestyle is easy and simple to maintain. He wants to lose another five pounds, but he’s in no big hurry.

“May 2017 Be Our Healthiest Year Yet to keep doing what we love best!”

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