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Modern-Day Dads and Why We Love Them

Modern-Day Dads and Why We Love Them

Posted on July 14 2017

For as long as humans have been on this earth, dads have always been the pillars of strength within the family unit. Over the centuries they have symbolized a sort of intrinsic, quiet knowing. An unshakable, unmistakable, fortress to their spouse and children. But, over the last few decades especially, they have morphed into this modern-day patriarch who, while still strong, is so multi-faceted, that they give us women a run for our money.

They’re engaged

We love them because they are an integral part of every aspect of bringing up a child. They are there in the birthing room, coaching us, supporting us, letting us squeeze their hand with the utmost force or in some cases, the receptors of hurled profanities in the heat of labor. They are there to change diapers, give late-night feedings, cuddle and coddle our children and us, when needed. They are all in even when we feel like we just need an out, for a little while.

They’re funny

Modern-day dads don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re often willing to play the role of buffoon to incite laughter from their kids, and thankfully, us too. They tend to see the hilarity of situations more than we do at times and eventually get us laughing with them at the sometimes heavy situations that can arise from parenting.

They’re communicative

If they’re not happy, they’ll let you know but they will also unabashedly tell their kids and their spouse how incredibly proud and blessed they feel. Dads sometimes dole out tough love but they’ll be the first to defend or comfort their child when needed, be it through words or action. They take their role of mentor and guide very seriously when it comes to their kids and prioritize and cherish this hefty role.

They’re loving

Perhaps in years gone by, dads were less able to show their love. Perhaps it was, wrongfully conceived, as a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s dads wear their hearts on their sleeves and are well versed in the language of love. I’ve seen the manliest of men kiss their kids goodnight, hold their hands and freely say “I love you” over and over again… no matter who’s looking and how old their kids get.

So, this is a no-holds-barred thank you to all the dads out there for their presence, their sense of humor, their way with words and action and their love and devotion.

Thank you for being who you are and making fatherhood what it is today.

Happy Father’s Day

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