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I Want to Share How I Made A Memorable, Intimate Gift For A Few Bucks and Lots of Love!! (You can do it too)

I Want to Share How I Made A Memorable, Intimate Gift For A Few Bucks and Lots of Love!! (You can do it too)

Posted on October 11 2016

I was intrigued by this tissue box cover in the shape of a house, although I did not know exactly what I would do with it.  Then, when my husband and I were invited to our dear friends’ summer home for a few days, it came to me. I would use my experience making decoupage boxes to create an intimate gift using photographs of our friends and us, with a couple of pithy sayings, binding us together, so to speak.

It turned out great, and the joy it gave me making it and the warmth our friends expressed when they received it was wonderful.

So, here’s how I did it, in case you’d liked to try. You don’t have to be an artist but you will feel like one when you complete it.

Below are the instructions and where to buy the tissue box...actually I bought 4 of them.

White plastic tissue box transformed into a story about the trip our friends took with us to a ranch – fly-fishing and riding.  (The white tissue coming out of the chimney represents smoke :) )                                

Buy tissue box here:

https://www.contemporarygalleries.com/Decorative/HBA300-301_Casa-Tissue-Box  It’s about $6.00 per box.


You can print out photos from your computer the size you need and trim them.  More than one photo per side is fine. You can fill in any uncovered area with an acrylic paint, which dries fast.  Do not paste down yet. Wait until everything is assembled before gluing anything to the box.

Message on box:

Type out the copy you want – print and cut to fit the area you design for it. I used the logo of the ranch we went to on one side. If you’re curious about the text on the other side, It’s the following quote from Winnie the Pooh: “We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh,” said Piglet. “Longer than that,” answered Pooh.

Placement of Photos: Test where you want to place the photos. If you have an empty space don’t worry...  just paint it a color that blends the photos together, as I did on the box above on the right with two photos.

Paint: Paint the top of the box (roof and chimney) if no photos are used there, as well as other spaces where the white box might be exposed.

Test placement of photos once more, and then glue and finish.  I used MOD PODGE Gloss-Lustré-Lustré, a water-based sealer, glue & finish (available in any art supply store) to glue all photos and cutouts to the box. After allowing them to dry for a few hours, I used the same material with a soft brush and light, even strokes to apply a beautiful glossy finish. (MOD PODGE serves as both a glue and a gloss-over.) Beautiful! Don’t worry, when photos dry you will find a clear gloss to the entire box.

Don’t forget to put a box of tissues in and pull one tissue up through the chimney! You can make a whole series and place them strategically around the house. How about one for your guest bathroom?

When you make yours I’d love to see your creation....please J  You can make a family tree or memorialize a special event... the possibilities are endless.

Have fun...

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