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I Never Did This Before In 79 Years! But now you can!

I Never Did This Before In 79 Years! But now you can!

Posted on December 23 2015

Here I am at age 79 working the runway for a
charity show – I’m used to that. But what I did
next I had never done in all my 79 years...
(and a real challenge for any age!)
I was invited again to model in a Charity Fashion Show – this gown was one
of the garments chosen for me. I fell in love with it on the runway...
So I bought it!! (They gave me a big discount!)
It really all started back at the dress shop during the fitting

The dress shop fitting - loved the back of the dress – my husband liked it, too – I was already thinking it would be perefect for the dinner/dance we were scheduled to attend.

Can you see the gown’s lovely little train?

After I bought the dress I could not find shoes to match the gown – also I needed to be able to dance in them...


I went to a discount shoe store and found a pair of comfortable, inexpensive black shoes...ones I could dance in....
Then laid my new gown on a table next to those shoes and wondered ...do I think I can really do what I have in mind!

I had faith...


so I cut the train off the dress...

. . .applied some special fabric glue on the shoe – laid the fabric over the glue - pressed down hard, and then cut it to the form of the shoe as I held my breath  :)

Wow...it worked... see one shoe finished!

Both shoes finished!

How did I do :)
It’s a reminder to me that we should all try new things... things that
challenge us, excite us, things that might even “scare” us a little to try.
It really does help keep us more youthful... for life!

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