Holiday Shopping 101: How to keep calm during this frenzied time of year

Holiday Shopping 101: How to keep calm during this frenzied time of year

Posted on December 06 2016

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed because you have to buy a gift for Aunt Martha, your kid’s teacher, that nice couple down the street (who always give you homemade cookies during the holidays), your neighbor who shovels your walkway after each big snowstorm, your spouse (who’s expecting something other than socks from Santa). Do you cringe when someone says they’ve finished all of their holiday shopping and it’s only November and you’ve yet to begin?

The truth is, some people love the shopping frenzy that is part of every holiday season. The fact is though that most of us dread the thought of traipsing from store to store and often ending up sweaty and frustrated because you still cross off everything on your list. Even the online experience can be time-consuming and you can’t always be sure if what you’re getting will be just right or will arrive in time for the big day.

Have a seat, put your feet up and sip on some eggnog while you read these quick tips that will make your holiday shopping experience anything but frenzied. 

Make a list – Check it twice

Making a list helps us organize who we need to buy for and jot down ideas of what to buy them. Start by listing family, then move on to friends, teachers, neighbors. Don’t list every single friend, neighbor…just those you know you’ll see over the holiday season. Be sure to add a few spots on the list for mystery gifts. Just in case you get a last-minute invite or someone pops in unexpectedly. That way you’ll be prepared.

Another perk of making a list? It’s been proven to reduce anxiety and the action of crossing names off our list feels good, psychologically speaking. 

One-stop shop

Whether you opt to go to a store or prefer the online route, find a merchant that offers a vast array of gift ideas.  That way, there’s no need to go from place to place wearing yourself out or searching endlessly on the net.

Be a dollar-store diva

This is the ideal spot to get all your gift wrapping, from boxes, to paper, tags and bags. It’s also a great place to get small, inexpensive gifts and is chock-full of stocking stuffers for kids and adults alike.

One-day affair

Rome may not have been built in a day but holiday shopping can be done in a day … even a few hours …  really!!  The key is picking the ideal day/time for you. If you can, choose a weekday. If that’s not an option, choose an evening or early morning on the weekend…whatever works for you. Once you’ve decided on the best day/time, stick to it.

I promise that if you implement these tips this year, you’ll want to follow this stress-free way every holiday season. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your gift buying is done and all that’s left to do is to enjoy time with your family and loved ones…. oh someone’s at the door…I need to go grab one of those mystery gifts!

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