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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Posted on November 11 2017

I am forever grateful for the beautiful things in life, especially my wonderful family, a circle of friends, some of whom I’m very close to, and my comfortable surroundings. But also, at my age, 83, I’m so fortunate to be physically and mentally vital, to continue to enjoy working, writing and painting … keeping active every day.

But there’s more, much more.

To all of you I send my heartfelt thanks. May your hearts be filled with joy forever.

Always, but especially on this reflective holiday, Thanksgiving, the doorway to the Winter Solstice, I dwell on my 45-year passion of anti-aging and beauty, the development of the company I founded, and—here’s the most important thing of all—the many people who have been touched and helped by it, thousands of whom I still communicate with, who, for me, are more than customers, they’re friends.

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