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We All Love the Convenience of Fast Food...

We All Love the Convenience of Fast Food...

Posted on December 06 2019

Even Though We Know It’s Not the Healthiest

I admit I partake of it, too, under certain circumstances, like when I have a tight appointment schedule and no time for a more leisurely lunch. But a review of a recent study by Harvard researchers, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, suggests how to make fast food a bit healthier.

The study found that, so-called, combo meals far exceed guidelines for healthy eating, providing double the recommended number of calories and sodium. In an analysis of the nutritional information of combo meals at 34 fast-food restaurants, scientists found that the average meal had about 1200 calories, 14 grams of saturated fat, 2100 milligrams of salt, and 60 grams of sugar. Those numbers dropped dramatically when low-calorie options were substituted for high-calorie options—for example, removing topping or dipping sauces, ordering small fries instead of large, and replacing sugar-containing sodas with a zero-calorie drink. Then the average combo meal had only about 750 calories, 11 grams of saturated fat, 1800 milligrams of salt, and 10 grams of sugar.

Not only is this healthier, it also fits my dieting philosophy: Just eat less; if that doesn’t work, eat less. Whenever I feel my jeans getting tight, I cut my food intake and in not too long a time they fit perfectly again.

A few years ago, my husband, Richard, 6’3” tall, decided he needed to lose weight. (He had topped out at 242 Lbs., shhh). So he cut back on his intake without really giving up anything: he’d even have an occasional scoop of ice cream for dessert, a little less of everything else, and—here’s the key—an apple for lunch. He said the apple filled him up with only about 100 calories. It became such an easy routine, he lost >30 Lbs. in about 8 months and has kept it off ever since.

So, if you’re a fast food person or want to drop some weight, remember, just eat less, it’s easier than messing with the multitude of formal diets out there.

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