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Consider the Risks – Know Your Options Before Having Any Anti-Aging Facial Surgery or “Harsh Treatments.”

Consider the Risks – Know Your Options Before Having Any Anti-Aging Facial Surgery or “Harsh Treatments.”

Posted on October 04 2019

There are many costly procedures (some risky) offered to keep your face and neck looking young. The average cost of a full facelift is $12,000.  While, in one study, eighty-seven percent of those surveyed said they were happy with their cosmetic surgery a year later, obviously thirteen percent were not.

For soft, natural-looking skin on the face and neck, many surgical procedures do not work as well as a long-range DAILY regimen of care in the morning on awakening and a little again at bedtime, if the routine begins early enough in life. That’s what I’ve done for over fifty years, and it’s why, aside from having my eyes “done” thirty-five years ago and a little collagen here and there, I’ve not needed facial surgery for a youthful look.

There are FDA approved cosmetic ingredients designed to reach deep down under the skin’s surface into aging cells to help give a more natural, softer look than surgery.

These ingredients encourage the cells under the skin to re-establish themselves by bringing older, flat cells into sync again…to make these cells “fuller,” which helps plump up the skin’s surface for a more youthful appearance.  Also, Alpha Hydroxy treatment (which I’m big on) subtly sloughs off the very top layer of surface skin, which helps get rid of small lines and wrinkles.

Facial surgery often leaves one with a taunt, unnatural look. Do an Internet search of “botched plastic surgery” and you’ll see what I mean. Even many of the eighty-seven percent of happy patients, mentioned earlier, no longer look completely natural.

The key, of course, is to start this caring program early in life. But, no matter when you start, you’ll see improvement, even if there’s already damaged.

Another key, and a most important one that should be at the top of the list: STAY OUT OF THE SUN, not only to help prevent wrinkles but also, hopefully, skin cancer as well. Wear a hat and use sunblock. 

I imagine you might be curious as to the products I use that contain the necessary ingredients. Well, in order to tell you that, I need to break my own rule of keeping my blogs as noncommercial as possible. I will do that this time because these products work and have been so successful for me. They are all right there in the four-product OLEDA CELL-abration Kit and one individual OLEDA Wrinkle Smooth Night Cream.

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