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Beware: Sun Damage Can Hurt More Than Just Your Skin’s surface

Beware: Sun Damage Can Hurt More Than Just Your Skin’s surface

Posted on April 14 2016

In addition to regular treatment of the skin with therapeutic creams and lotions (see the OLEDA CELL-abration Kit), I have always practiced and preached extreme caution and avoidance of exposure to the sun. I see cases of skin cancer in people all around me due to poor preventative practices earlier in their lives. But there’s more to it than just your skin’s surface.

Do Skin Cancers Relate to Internal Cancers?

Studies have now found that people who have had non-melanoma skin cancer have a 36 percent higher risk of developing another cancer than do people with no history of it. In those people, the risk of developing most other primary cancers—including cancer of the salivary glands, bone and upper gastrointestinal tract—were increased.

Elevated risks have also been found for cancers of the colon or rectum, breast, kidney, and prostate, among others.

So What Should You Do?

If you have ever had skin cancer, make cancer screening a priority. In addition to regular skin checks, be sure to ask your doctor about a comprehensive cancer screening schedule. Be safe, not sorry.

Giving my horse a hug before heading out to the mountains in WY. (You bet I’m protecting my skin from the sun though!)

Caught this rainbow trout on the North Platte River… my husband and I do ‘catch & release’ only. (Again my skin is protected from the sun’s harmful rays.)

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