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Aren’t Nanas Supposed to Teach Their Grandchildren?

Aren’t Nanas Supposed to Teach Their Grandchildren?

Posted on August 23 2019

Well here’s Something my Granddaughter Reminded Me Of!

My grandchildren come over some Sundays for “Nana’s Coin Party.”We meet for lunch and then back to the house to organize hundreds of old coins that I have saved for years, looking for valuable ones, hoping to cash in. It took three sessions just to organize them.  Now we are ready to start searching “for gold” and the fun begins… we’ll split the profits…and hope there are plenty!!

At our last meeting, I headed to the sink to wash my hands after handling the coins. My grandson, David Paul, beat me to the sink - my granddaughter Alison was already there washing her hands. I was third in line and in a hurry. At first Alison was washing her hands in a normal fashion but KEPT ON washing them…THEN she started washing BETWEEN her fingers taking a long time to do so. It was only then I became fascinated over how much time and care she was taking.It was a vivid reminder of something I knew, but sometimes become careless about: Our hands are a primary source of disease.

Ever since, I have been more careful and wash my hands using Alison’s method. We probably all need a refresher course on hand washing.

Every time our hands touch something someone else has handled, there’s a chance they’ve left germs on it that we can pick up, and then, without thinking, rub our eyes or touch other vulnerable areas. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of keeping our hands away from our face always, wash hands at every opportunity, take advantage of hand-purifying dispensers wherever you find them, and even keep some antibacterial wipes handy.

Here’s a partial list of common places where germs and bacteria are probably lurking: 

  • TV Remote Control
  • Super Market Carts (My market provides handy wipes at cart storage. Does yours?)
  • Stair and Escalator Hand Rails
  • Money (paper or coins)
  • Computer Keyboards
  • Ice and drink dispenser buttons/handles (hate to think what might be inside those machines.)
  • Door Handles, especially in Public Bathrooms
  • Towels (if cloth for multiple use)
  • ATM Machines
  • Steering Wheels and door handles on Cars
  • Public Pens and Pencils for customer use
  • Many others

Thank you, Alison.
Love, Nana

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