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Are you taking care of the men in your life?

Are you taking care of the men in your life?

Posted on February 03 2016

So many men pay no attention to their health until it becomes a major problem. A woman needs to convince them that preventing health problems can provide a longer, healthier lifespan (also less expensive). And if you’re one of my male friends, associates, customers reading this, take heed, this woman is talking to YOU!

So how do you help the men in your life stay healthy when they say in so many words “leave me alone?” Well there ARE some things you can do!

First, here are some statistics:

  • 12% of adult males are in poor health, limiting their ability to participate in many physical activities that would improve their health
  • Percent of adult men still smoking is 20.5%
  • 72% of men are overweight, opening the door to a multitude of secondary problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, risk of stroke and heart attack
  • Men’s binge drinking is 24.3% higher than women’s
  • 31% of men suffer from hypertension
  • The leading causes of death among men are: heart disease, cancer and accidents.

Many men don’t take the trouble to determine what they need to do to help PREVENT health problems, or which supplements to take for what their bodies might be lacking. Men in general tend to react only after the problem becomes “very bothersome” or in need of a doctor, sometimes resulting in lasting side effects.

So How Do You Help Someone Who Does Not Want To Be Helped?

If he’s due for a check-up, or has some nagging physical problem, or if there’s any change in a bodily function that you know of, make the appointment with the doctor for him. Offer to go with him.

Nutritional Supplements: How You Can Help:

Buy the supplements for him. You could store them in one of those compartmentalized containers that separate daily doses. That would make it easy for him to take them, or for you to put them next to his plate at a meal. Here are several important nutrients needed for man’s good health.

  • Lycopene, with its red pigment antioxidant properties, along with other antioxidants, can help cut risk of heart attack;
  • Quercetin, found in apples, can help block the hormones that can cause prostate cancer;
  • Saw Palmetto can also be beneficial to reduce the risk of prostate cancer;
  • Selenium goes after those cancer causing free radicals to destroy them.
  • Boron, a brain booster can help improve memory.
  • Calcium may help reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • Chromium Picolinate can help regulate insulin level.
  • Fiber helps maintain good cardiovascular health by its natural cleansing process.
  • Green Tea increases resting metabolism and improves cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamin B-3 can help lower bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterol.
  • Co-enzyme CoQ-10, helps muscle cells convert oxygen for energy.
  • Creatine can increase muscle strength by between 8 and 14 percent.
  • Korean Red Panax Ginseng increases testosterone levels lifting libido.
  • Vitamin D, although produced by the body is usually needed in higher levels in men, therefore supplementation may be needed. (My husband was told by our doctor to take it daily.) Vitamin D helps the heart, works with calcium to strengthen bones, and boosts the immune system.

Hope this helps.

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