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A Healthy, Refreshing Green Drink For Summer

A Healthy, Refreshing Green Drink For Summer

Posted on August 09 2018

Big surprise: it even tastes good!

My sister. Francey, who lives in distant city, told me about a Green Drink she makes in her blender and how good it is for you. I asked her about the ingredients.  When she told me fresh spinach, brocolli, carrots, pineapple slices, banana and bottled pear juice, I said, “Ugh, it had to taste terrible, I’d never be able to get such a bitter drink down.” 

Francey insisted I was wrong about the taste, so, a couple weeks later, after her gentle prodding, I went out and picked up all the ingredients. Still skeptical, I thought that anything that green had to be bitter, and, besides, I’m not a fan of brocolli to begin with.

Nevertheless, I got out my blender, put all the ingredients into it, and blended them into an unappetizing looking (to me) green liquid. From a half glass of it, and with my eyes closed, I took a sip.

WOW!... Surprise, surprise! Francey was right, it wasn’t bitter at all, and it actually tasted great. I poured a full glass and saved the rest for later. The green drink has now become a staple for me. Thank you, Francey.

So, if you want a refreshing—and healthy—summer drink packed with essential vitamins and minerals, get out your blender, fill it with fresh spinach, brocolli, carrots, pineapple slices (and juice), bananas and bottled pear juice, and then press the button..  I’d bet you’ll love it too!

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