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It’s Fall, time to make up for summer damage!

It’s Fall, time to make up for summer damage!

Posted on October 25 2019

Oleda's Recommendations For FALL

“Summer can be devastating to the skin... so let’s use Fall to make up for summer harm.. You may not notice the damage on the surface of your skin, and think you got away with it, but believe me, the damage starts UNDER the skin long before it can be seen on the surface.  Summer damage year after year takes a serious toll on your collagen, which is the support system for your skin’s surface that helps keep it healthy and youthful looking.  But not to worry – this is where I come in ☺”



Vitamin C & E Cream does things other creams cannot!! And it's the one cream you should not do without! Here's why…

OLEDA™ Vitamin C+E Cream contains vitamins C and E in a formulation that gradually delivers high levels of vitamins C and E to provide antioxidant protection all day long to the skin, thus helping to preventing new wrinkles caused by free radicals and helping to repair damage caused by the sun..

“Unfortunately there is no one magic cream that can give you everything you need all-in-one container. (The companies that claim they have that cream are not being honest with you). That’s because, 1) some ingredients just don't mix together, and 2) the amounts you need could not possibly fit into one single formula.  Ideally, a Fall program should include a great anti-oxidant cream every morning and a moisturizer, then a collagen builder, and, at night, a nourishing night cream.”

OLEDA Advanced Peptides Cream reconstructs collagen deep down within the skin. It also improves wrinkle depth, helps relax facial tension, tightens surface skin, and inhibits new wrinkle development. As we age, skin loses collagen and doesn’t replace it on its own. This causes skin to become thinner and more wrinkled.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is often considered the “glue that holds the body together.” It is part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells.

Since peptide molecules are microscopic, they penetrate the skin’s protective barriers to get into the deeper layers to work their magic.

Wrinkle-Smooth Night Cream - Essential Deep Moisturizer, Anti-Wrinkle, For Dry Fall/Winter Skin . This product stays on your skin all night, filling your tissues with precious nutrients and emollients while holding in all your natural moisture plumping up dry, stressed skin, helping to remove wrinkles. Vitamins A and C are included, as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and DMAE, to help heal and smooth the outer skin surface and to assist in clearing up superficial splotches, especially redness after exposure to sun or wind.

“Privately I refer to Wrinkle-Smooth Night Cream as the Ointment of Youth. I know of no other anti-wrinkle night cream containing so many moisturizers and emollients—and not a single drop of water so that there’s no evaporation during the night. Great to use under makeup in cold weather...after applying product, tissue excess off, then apply make-up. My skin feels wonderfully moist all day.

Skin Helper Vitamins with Minerals, Trace Minerals and Herbs. To keep your skin youthful, you have to start deep, deep down... through the blood stream that carries nutrients through the skin’s layers and on to the surface. No matter how much cream you put on TOP of the skin, proper nourishment, is a must.

Our skin contains millions of cells, specialized nerve endings, numerous oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles and a network of blood vessels. These blood vessels carry the nourishment we eat to this complex structure and it directly affects the health, beauty and aging of the skin. Skin Helpers provides richer "food" to all three layers of skin - the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous. tissue. It's never too late to start changing the premature aging of the skin. Over-processed foods, fast foods, stress are all the more reason we must fight to stay ahead of Ol' Mother Nature.


OLEDA’S MAKE-UP KITS now personalized for YOUR skin tone. Oleda has made it easy for you to select the colors that will flatter your skin tone the best. Select the kit that you best.

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