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Look Your Most Glamorous at Any Age

Look Your Most Glamorous at Any Age

Posted on July 19 2017



  1. Foundation – Light Beige
  2. Eye and Lip Primer
  3. Undereye Camouflage Cream & Highlighter – Light/Med
  4. Pressed Powder – Matte Cream
  5. Quad Eyeshadow Color Palette – Paris Café
  6. Slim Eyeliner & Brow Pencil – Cocoa Bronze
  7. Black waterproof mascara
  8. Matte Lipstick – Bunny Pink
  9. Lip Liner Pencil – Adobe
  10. Lip Gloss


  1. Powder Blush – Faith
  2. Cream Rouge – Natural Blush


  1. Foundation – Almond
  2. Eye and Lip Primer
  3. Undereye Camouflage Cream & Highlighter – Light/Med
  4. Pressed Powder – Matte Beige
  5. Quad Eyeshadow Color Palette – Bohemian Chic
  6. Slim Eyeliner & Brow Pencil – Coffee
  7. Black waterproof mascara
  8. Ultimate Lipstick – YOU WANNA?
  9. Lip Liner Pencil – Très Mauve
  10. Lip Gloss


  1. Powder Blush – Faith
  2. Cream Rouge – Natural Blush


  1. Foundation – Deep Cocoa
  2. Eye and Lip Primer
  3. Undereye Camouflage Cream & Highlighter – Med/Dark
  4. Pressed Powder – Matte Cocoa
  5. Quad Eyeshadow Color Palette – London Fog
  6. Slim Eyeliner & Brow Pencil – Jet Black
  7. Black curling-lash mascara
  8. Crème Lipstick – STRUT
  9. Slim Lip Liner Pencil – Burgundy
  10. Lip Gloss


  1. Powder Blush – Redwood
  2. Cream Rouge – Decoy

1. How to Apply Foundation

Use a sponge for evenness, being sure to cover the skin right up to and under the eyes and the inside corners of the eyes by the nose. So many women miss these corners where the skin is often darker and needs covering with foundation in order to even out the skin and give it a more youthful look.

Don’t forget the front of the neck. This accomplishes two things: it evens out the skin color to match the face, and it protects the skin of the neck from the elements.

It is best not to use fingers to apply foundation – fingers are warm, so they tend to open up the pores more allowing the foundation to sink deeper into the pores and then close up when the skin cools off. Also, it is much more difficult to achieve an even finish on you face using fingers. Do not apply foundation on eyelids. It will cause your eye shadow to smudge, may very well change the eye shadow’s color and will prevent it from going on evenly.

After a second or two, remove the excess foundation on the surface of the skin using a tissue ever-so-lightly over the entire face and neck. Your foundation color should be about the same color as your skin.


2. How to Apply Eye and Lip Primer

This silky primer is a MUST to apply to the lip and eye area to prepare for lipstick and eyeshadow preparation. Long-lasting, waterproof formula that prevents creasing while neutralizing the lips and eyelids to bring out optimal color.

Apply to clean eyelids and lips before applying lipstick or eyeshadow.

3. How to Apply Undereye Camouflage Cream & Highlighter (a.k.a. Highlight) for a More Youthful Look

Apply very small amounts of Highlight under eyes or to any dark area of the face. Use very little. Carefully blend onto the skin or foundation. (The best effect is achieved by applying Highlight over foundation.)  Use a small makeup brush or small makeup sponge to thin out and blend the edges so that there is no line of demarcation. (You will powder over later to camouflage and blend the Highlight for a very natural look.

More on Highlight and Dark Circles if Not Wearing Foundation

Apply Highlight evenly and sparingly in the dark areas under the eyes. Best to use a small makeup brush or small sponge with a “corner” to apply as they help to smooth Highlight out evenly. You can apply it directly on the skin itself after moisturizer. Whichever you do, make sure you powder over lightly. This “sets” the Highlight and keeps it from settling into fine lines and gives it a more natural, finished appearance.

4. How to Apply Powder

With powder on the puff, gently press the powder puff onto the skin. Do not rub the puff across the skin…press lightly all over into the skin not missing around the nose or under the eyes. When you have powdered the entire face, only then, very, very lightly wipe the puff across the top of the skin to remove any excess. What remains will be enough powder to cover the skin while removing the shine. Keep extra powder puffs around and change for a fresh one when the puff begins to show too much usage. A puff not matted down will give the best results. 

5. How to Apply Eyeshadow

Removing the oil helps the eye make-up stay in place and be less likely to crease or smudge. Powdered eye shadow should be applied with a tiny sponge or a small, narrow brush.

Using a tiny sponge or small narrow brush apply a lighter shade eye shadow on the eyelid itself. Do not go above the eyelid crease with the light color.  Next, a darker color eye shadow should be applied on and above the crease.

6. How to Apply Eyeliner and Brow Pencil

Eyebrows: When using an eyebrow pencil, the consistency of the “lead” is most important for a great looking eyebrow. Too hard and the pencil does not adhere to the skin well; too soft and it’s all but impossible to get a delicate looking eyebrow. Use short, light strokes for each “hair,” allowing them to blend together. Feathering your pencil strokes with an upward, outward motion will make them look like your own hair (provided you powder lightly over them as explained below). Never draw the pencil through the whole eyebrow in one stroke.

To make your eyes appear larger and more open, make sure your eyebrows don’t “sit” low over your eyes. Instead, keep sufficient space between them and your eyes by plucking clean from underneath the brows. But not too much! If you have bushy eyebrows, you might want to trim the tops to keep the length short and to make them look thinner.

The shape of your eyebrows should be in a slight arch, wider toward your nose and thinning toward the temples. The peak of the arch should generally be about ¾ of the distance of the width of your eye toward the temple. Begin your eyebrows about where your eyes begin inside your nose and end them just beyond where your eyes end toward your temples.

Eyes : Apply eyeliner from one corner of the upper eyelid all the way to the other corner making sure that the line is lighter and softer as you get closer toward the nose. This gives the eye a softer, more open look. Stopping too short toward the nose makes the eyes appear smaller and does not give a finished look. You can smudge the liner a little if you like if you want a softer look. For the lower lids lightly make small dot like marks into the base of your eyelashes. Starting on the outside of the bottom lid apply the eyeliner pencil on only 2/3 of the lids. Do not bring lower eyeliner too close toward the nose.

7. How to Apply Mascara

Make sure you remove any trace of oil or cleanser from your eyelashes, eyelids and under your eyes, since oil can disturb even the best mascara. After cleansing your face, use a tissue or thin washcloth and a toner/astringent to gently remove any oils that may still be on the surface of your eyelids and lashes. Use an eyelash curler; it will give you a more open and more dramatic look.  Now you are ready to apply your mascara.  Apply one coat with an upward motion then go back and apply a second coat.  Don’t forget the bottom lashes too…that’s a must! A sin would be to have many of your eyelashes sticking together!! So keep them separated while applying mascara!

8. How to Apply Lipstick – Lip Liner – Lip Gloss

For a beautiful, glamorous and a more youthful look

1) Apply lipstick normally, using your full lip line…blot lightly.

2) Next, take the lip liner pencil and lightly blend the pencil color around your lips’ edges and into the lipstick, making sure to cover the full edge of your lip line…even going over the edge ever-so-slightly. Do not just make a dark line around the lips with your pencil…smudge or blend the two colors together so there is no line of demarcation between the lipstick and lip pencil. Do not put the lip liner color all over the lips. The trick is to have the outer part of the lips appear a little darker than the middle of the lips.  The consistency of the lip liner pencil is most important. A medium consistency not too hard or too soft will make the application so much easier. Make sure the pencil has a point.

3) If you want/need to add more of the original lipstick now is the time to do it. After that, apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the middle INSIDE of the bottom lip only, taking care not to cover the entire bottom lip itself with this second color. The lighter inside bottom lip color gives it a fuller, puffier look. 

4) Blot your lips lightly and carefully then lightly powder over the outside edges …go ahead, don’t be afraid. The powder will hide your secret, since a shiny outside edge reflects light, calling attention to your lip art …the powder camouflages it.

5) If you like a subtle gloss, now is the time to apply it but do not apply it on the lip line as it will expose your fuller lip secret.

Note: If your lips are too full or wide, you can follow the above information, but bring the lipstick and lip pencil just INSIDE the lip line. Do you like it? I bet you do.



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