Are You Aging Too Fast? (Inside OR Outside Your Body)

Are You Aging Too Fast? (Inside OR Outside Your Body)

Posted on November 09 2016


…and our aging process depends on how each of us treats these cells.

You should know….

A few unhealthy cells can start the downhill slope of aging before your time. You can stop this downhill slope before it begins or help correct it to a large degree by changing your habits.

Oleda Aging from 30 to 82 

In 1981, Oprah Winfrey interviewed me on her TV Show, People are Talking. She asked how I looked so young for my age – I was 48 at the time. I explained to Oprah how and why I took care of myself inside and out and that I was determined to always try to look and feel younger than my age. Well…that was 34 years ago.

So how am I doing?  

In my early years, finding the right products and ingredients that would help keep me healthy and youthful for life was more or less out of fear of looking and feeling old before my time. I wanted to prove the possibility of remaining healthy and “youthful” throughout life. As doctors and scientists proved, we as individuals have much to say about how fast our body ages. I became more and more excited as the years rolled by. Now at 82 I’m very glad I learned to take charge and so happy I’m able to share it with you.

Remember our cells are always splitting which is why we are given the opportunity to “renew” our entire body over time. Soft tissue takes only 2 to 3 months to renew whereas bone takes a year. The point is you can change the health of your cells as you change your health habits.

Take care of yourself…no one can or will do it better!

Life is good :)

Love, Oleda

My grandson David Paul age 23  

Nana 82 (photo taken 2016)                              

Video Interview with Oleda Baker’s doctor:

In this video, Oleda’s long time physician explains the impact her choices have had on her body. Quotes from the interview: “Oleda’s blood tests show results of a woman half her age” “Oleda’s bone density does not correlate with someone her age at all, as a matter of fact, it’s like somebody who hasn’t even gone through menopause, it’s somebody who’s more like 40 years old, even 35 years old ” “She’s done something since 40 years old to keep from getting older.”

Watch the video:

Enhance what mother nature gave you  

This powerful OLEDA blend reaches every part of your body to help prevent aging both inside and outside the body. Age Enhancer is engineered to fight the aging process of your cells and is the most comprehensive, vitamin-mineral-trace mineral antioxidant formula available today.

Is your skin aging faster than you are?

OLEDA Advanced Peptides Firming Cream reconstructs collagen deep down within the skin. Our special ingredients work together to improve wrinkle depth, relax facial tension, tighten the skin’s surface, and inhibit new wrinkle development. It’s simply the most effective and powerful wrinkle-fighting cream on the market today!

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